Check for Colorado Potato Beetles – now is the greatest risk of it spreading


<div>The Colorado potato beetle has not yet managed to establish itself permanently as a potato pest in Finland, even though they migrate to Finland every year. This year there have been no findings as yet, but the risk of them spreading with the air flows to Finland is now at its greatest. Storms and strong south-easterly winds can bring Colorado potato beetles from even further south and southeast where they occur abundantly.</div>

The destruction of the Colorado potato beetles will have the best success rate if they are discovered and destroyed on time. During previous years Colorado potato beetles have been found in South Karelia, North Karelia and South Savo. Especially in these areas it is worth checking the potato fields regularly for any Colorado potato beetles. It is also important to check the fields where early potatoes were grown last year. The beetles may have lived on the stalks left from the harvest of the early potatoes and may have gone undetected in the monitoring in the late summer.

In July adult Colorado potato beetles, egg groups and colonies of larvae may be found in the potato fields. An adult Colorado potato beetle is about one centimetre long. It has 10 black longitudinal stripes on its yellow rounded back. The beetle’s semolina sized yellow eggs are in tight groups on the underneath of the leaves. The larvae are initially dark in colour and turn bright orange as they grow.

The Colorado potato beetle is a harmful organism. Any findings or suspicions of Colorado potato beetles have to be reported to the plant protection authorities.


For more information, please contact:
Senior Officer Jaana Hietala, tel. +358 20 77 25043
Senior Inspector Atro Virtanen, tel. +358 20 77 25047

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