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<p>On its website, the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has opened a search service on operators who are marketing organic products. It is now possible for consumers to check from the labelling and Evira’s search service whether the organic products really are organic. The search service comprises the operators marketing organic products in Finland.</p>

With the search service, consumers will have a better opportunity to verify the authenticity and traceability of organic products.The search service is related to the EU requirement, according to which the Member States must provide a public search service with information about all organic operators. 

The information obtained from the search service of organic operators is based on Evira’s national register of organic production.By searching a company on the basis of the labelling information on the consumer package of the organic food, consumers can be assured that the operation of the company in question has been inspected and approved.

For the time being, operators in the Åland Islands and manufacturers of alcoholic beverages are not included in the service.

Different authorities control organic products

The requirements for organic production are determined by EU legislation.In mainland Finland, Evira steers and plans the control measures, and monitors producers of organic foodstuffs and feeds.Organic farms, on the other hand, are controlled by the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.In the Åland Islands, organic production is controlled by the Government of Åland.

Organic alcohol products are controlled by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health Valvira.Imported organic products are controlled by the Finnish Customs.

Access the search service page through this link (in Finnish)

Read more about organic products on the Evira website.

Further information:
Beata Meinander, Senior Inspector, Head of Section, tel. +358 (0)400 571 033.


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