Chemical risk assessment and risk management in food safety - Finnish Food Congress 4.5.2010


<p>The worldwide increase in food production and food trade also increases risks. The significance of risk assessment has consequently also grown. Risk assessment as well as related studies and surveys conducted in Finland are presented in the Finnish Food Congress organised by the Finnish Food Research Foundation in Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre on 4 May 2010.</p>

The scientific symposium organised for the first time as part of the Finnish Food Congress brings together domestic and foreign experts to discuss food risk assessment, risk management and risk communication.

Data and information obtained through research and from surveys are also presented regarding e.g. the chemical risks of food and domestic water, environmental toxins found in fish, and Finnish grain. The practices of risk assessment, management and communication are presented by international experts from e.g. the European Commission and European Food Safety Authority EFSA.

The symposium programme has been designed from Finnish viewpoints. The aim is to present our own operation as well as cooperation in the European Union for ensuring the safety of food.

Presentations are made by representatives of the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, sector research institutes as well as EFSA, the European Commission and the SAFE Consortium (Belgium).

Finnish Food Congress is organised by the Finnish Food Research Foundation and it is the largest and most versatile event of the food sector. Finnish Food Congress is now organised for the 40th time and will bring together some 1000 operators of the food industry.

One of the symposium presentations is Risks in our food in the light of the report Chemical risks of foodstuffs and domestic water  (report in Finnish (pdf, 4184 kb), description in English).
The report addresses risk-informed risk management, legislative work and regulatory control and it utilises the in-house control of companies following the from-field-to-table principle.

Read more about the Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation  (in Finnish)
and Elintarvikkeiden tutkimussäätiö  (in Finnish).

Read more about EFSA

Finnish Food Congress 4.5.2010  programme and more information on the event (in Finnish)

For more information about the symposium, please contact:

Research Professor Anja Hallikainen, Risk Assessment Unit, tel. +358 (0) 50 386 8433, anja.hallikainen


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