Chinese wooden packaging under special scrutiny for Asian long-horned beetle


<p>The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira is stepping up inspections for Asian long-horned beetle in wooden packaging material used on consignments of stone products from China, in cooperation with Finnish Customs. The beetle is in danger of spreading with the wooden packaging from Asia to European deciduous forests. The inspections start in mid-April 2013.</p>

The European Commission is concerned about the risk of Asian long-horned beetle ( Anoplophora glabripennis) spreading, and has therefore ordered a two-year period of intensive inspections of the wooden packaging and support timbers of stone consignments imported from China.

Large quantities of e.g. street stone products and garden slabs are imported from China, and long-horned beetles have been found in their wooden packaging. Those handling Chinese stone consignments should look out for larval tunnels, wood dust, larvae and adult beetles in the wooden pallets.

In Central Europe, the beetle has already managed to spread on a few occasions into deciduous trees surrounding the import sites, and several member states have found it particularly in Chinese wooden packing materials.

Suspected cases of beetle infection may be notified to Evira by emailing kasvinterveys at-merkki.gif : 1 kB Identification is facilitated by a photo attached to the message. Two specimens of Asian long-horned beetle have been found in Finland in recent years.

The Asian long-horned beetle is a pest of deciduous trees classified as harmful, with large larvae that damage the tree trunk. It is a large beetle, 2.5 – 3.5 cm long, with white spots on a black background on its back. The beetle’s antennae are longer than its body and striped.

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