Colorado Potato Beetles can drift to Finland with thunderstorms


<div>The weather during the last few weeks has not favoured the spread of the Colorado potato beetle. The risk that Colorado potato beetles might spread to Finland with the air flows is still great, however. </div>

There are Colorado potato beetles in the Baltic countries and in Russia, so the air flows and thunderstorm fronts from the east and south-east especially, add to the risk of Colorado potato beetles drifting to Finland. In addition to the air flows, the beetles can be carried along with the car and train traffic from the east. It is worth monitoring the potato fields close to the main roads and the railway tracks.

The risk of the Colorado potato beetle spreading is highest in South Karelia, North Karelia and South Savo, but with thunderstorms the beetles can also be carried to other parts of Finland. There have not been any sightings so far this summer. The plant protection inspectors of Evira and the TE-centres are starting the inspections at the beginning of July. They will start in the places where beetles were found last year and the year before. Last year there were two findings: in Parikkala and Sipoo.

Contact information for the reporting of any sightings and additional information about the Colorado potato beetle may be found on Evira's Internet pages (in Finnish): The service number for the reporting of any sightings is 040 801 4407 (between the hours of 9-20).

For additional information, please contact:
Senior Officer Atro Virtanen, Evira, tel. +358 20 77 25047
Senior Officer Paula Lilja, Evira, tel. +358 20 77 25043


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