Colorado potato beetles have also been found in Kesälahti


<div>Colorado potato beetles were found on Thursday 20.7.2006 in a potato crop in North Karelia. The beetle’s colony of larvae was found in a potato field in Kesälahti. The larvae were already of a large size, which implies that the finding, like the finding in Parikkala, would be that of a population that has over-wintered in the area. No adult beetles or pupae were found on the potato field.</div>

The finding was discovered by the North Karelia TE-centre’s inspector while surveying the area of Kesälahti for the colorado beetle on Thursday.

Evira estimates that the beetles did not over-winter in this spot, but the beetles would have migrated from the near vicinity to this potato plot. The colony of larvae found in the potato crop covered a surface area of a couple of square metres, and the number of larvae was about 100. Evira’s monitoring team visited the spot and destroyed the colony of larvae by spraying with pesticides.

Due to last week’s discovery of colorado beetles in Parikkala, the potato crops have been checked for the beetle in the areas of Parikkala, Punkaharju and Kesälahti this week. Evira estimates that there may be more findings of the colorado beetle in this area. Evira is encouraging commercial potato growers and home growers in the area to check their crops for colorado beetles. Potential colonies of larvae are now at their peak, and are therefore easier to detect.

The larvae are often in a group and aggressively eat the leaves off the potato stems. The larva of the colorado beetle is mobile, of a reddish-orange colouring and it has two lines of black dots along the sides. There are no dots on the larva’s back. The larvae of the ladybird have dots or spots also on their back. When fully grown, the larvae will be about a centimetre in size.

Any sightings or suspected infestations of colorado beetles are to be reported immediately to Evira’s plant protection service or to the TE-centre’s plant protection inspector.

Contact information for reporting of any findings and photos and information about the colorado potato beetle may be found on Evira’s web pages at the address:

For additional information:

Olli Elfving, phone 020 77 25048
Atro Virtanen, phone 020 77 25047


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