Comprehensive information package about food contaminants


<p>”The chemical contaminants of foodstuffs and household water” is a thorough report of about 40 contaminants, which cover in a comprehensive manner the entire production chain of foodstuffs. The renewed report has been published in the publication series of Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira and can also be read in the web service. The report describes the occurrence of contaminants in foodstuffs, studies on the contaminants and their intake estimates, their adverse health effects and the most important food control needs. The report serves both various authorities and researchers, and consumers interested in the topic.</p>

Contaminants in a single report
”The chemical contaminants of foodstuffs and household water” report contains an abundance of information required particularly for risk management purposes, such as information on occurrence in foodstuffs, research and intake calculations, detrimental health effects and needs related to control. Many of the contaminants are highly topical and included in EU's preparatory legislative work.

The report is easy-to-use and clear with a multitude of tables and figures. It provides easy reference to the most important data and properties of various contaminants, the most recent research results and international risk assessments as well as contaminant level data on particularly domestic foodstuffs. The estimated contaminant intakes can be compared with the tolerable intake levels set for contaminants or different contaminants can be compared with each other in terms of these magnitudes that express the safety of the foodstuff.

A total of 20 Finnish experts in contaminants from various sector research institutes and fields of administration have taken part in the preparation and review of the content of this report. The report was based on the control guide”Riskiraportti - Elintarvikkeiden ja talousveden kemiallisista vaaroista” published in 2002.

This report is designed to an as wide audience as possible. Control authorities can quickly find information about valid contaminant regulations and recommended control action. The report can also be used as educational material at university level. Consumers can utilise the information provided in the report in making decisions regarding their purchases and diet.

The report can be read in the Order Service of the web service:

The report will later also be published in Swedish.

For more information, please contact:
Anja Hallikainen, Research Professor, Editor-in-Chief, Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, Risk Assessment Unit, tel. +358 (0) 50 386 8433

Ulla Karlström, Senior Officer, Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, Product Safety Unit, tel. +358 (0) 40 487 7798


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