Control of date markings


<div>Issues related to date marking of food have lately become highlighted publicly.It is often thought that the use-by date and the best before date mean the same thing. But this is not so, as a product marked best before can be sold and used also after the date in question, as long as the quality is in order. It is then the vendor that is responsible for the quality. It is still recommended by way of a sign close to the product, that the customer is informed if the best before date has been exceeded so that the consumers can decide for themselves whether to buy the product or not. The use-by date on the other hand is, as the name implies, the last day of use, after which the product is neither to be used in the manufacture of a food product for sale nor to be served. </div>

One of the focuses of next year’s campaign on labelling will be to explain to the consumer the differences between these date markings. The goal of the campaign is to encourage the consumers to read and to use the labelling.

Evira is advising the food control authorities to ascertain that the in-house control of the operators is sufficient in all situations in order to ensure that the food products are in accordance with the regulations. The control personnel has to make sure especially that the in-house control covers the control of labellin and other product qualities as well as the in-house control of the environment.

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