Declarations on package labels declare genetically modified ingredients


<p>Genetically modified (GM) food contains genetically modified organisms or ingredients prepared from these. Before such food is allowed to enter markets it will be submitted to and has to pass stringent procedures of testing, control and licensing. Genetically modified food must have specific declarations on labels.</p>

Labels on packages declare the use of genetically modified (GM) ingredients

In order to secure the options for consumers to choose, genetically ingredients must be clearly declared. If the proportion of genetically modified plants or ingredients made from these as used in manufacturing exceeds 0.9 %, this must be declared on the product label. The expression ”genetically modified” or, e.g., ”prepared from genetically modified soy” appears in the declaration of ingredients right after the genetically modified ingredient or right after the ingredients prepared from a genetically modified species. If a product has no declaration of using genetically modified ingredients, then the product is not genetically modified. Shelves in Finland currently have no food for sale that contains genetically modified ingredients.

Genetically modified food and feed are analyzed before being allowed to enter markets

No genetically modified food and animal feed are allowed to enter markets, if they have not been licensed in the E. U. All genetically modified organisms are submitted to stringent approval procedures in the E. U. Genetically modified ingredients that have been approved do not adversely affect the health of people, animals or the environment. In Finland, Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira and Finnish Customs control genetically modified food and animal feed.

Additional information on package labels and genetically modified food can be found at the web site for the campaign Tuoreet kasvot, pakkausmerkinnät valokeilassa.

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