Documentary evidence proves adherence to the organic control system


<div>In the future, organic operators will show that they are subject to the organic control system by way of documentary evidence approved by the control authorities. The documentary evidence states which is the authority supervising the business operator and the operator’s product types. The documentary evidence required is consistent across the entire EU area. </div>

During this year, the control authorities for organic production will give documentary evidence in accordance with Commission Regulation 889/2008 Annex XII to the organic operators, such as farmers, under their surveillance. The operator can show that they are subject to the organic control system by presenting the documentary evidence. The documentary evidence is issued by Food Safety Authority Evira, the TE-Centres and the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, Valvira.

In addition to the details on the operator and the control authority, the documentary evidence will show the last control date and the product types by method of production. The product types are presented on a general level. Product types in primary production can be for example cereal crops or cattle, meat production. The documentary evidence does not guarantee that an individual product or product batch has been produced in accordance with the requirements that apply for organic production. It does therefore not replace a declaration of conformity, by which the operator guarantees that their products fulfil the production requirements.

In the future, organic business operators will have to require a copy of the documentary evidence when buying organic products from suppliers subject to the control system. The evidence will also be required when buying organic products from other EU countries, but not when importing from outside the EU.

The control authority will supply the evidence in conjunction with the production control decision. The evidence is free of charge to the operator and will be in Swedish or Finnish according to the operator’s requirement. If necessary, the operator can request several specimens of the documentary evidence or evidence in English. These are subject to a fee.

More current information on the control of organic farming production is found in letter 1/2009 to the producers. The letter was mailed to the producers of organic products at the end of February. It can be read on Evira’s internet pages.

For more information:

Letter to organic farmers 1/2009 ( > Kasvintuotanto ja rehut > Luomu > Ajankohtaista luomuvalvonnassa (in Finnish)

Senior Officer Beata Meinander, Evira, tel. 020 77 25044
Senior Officer Tuuli Pulkkinen, Evira, tel. 020 77 25393 (animal production)
Senior Officer Eeva-Liisa Taskinen, Evira, tel. 020 77 24319 (food)

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