Dogs and cats to be medicated against echinococcus before entering Finland


<p>Dogs and cats about to be brought to Finland have to be medicated no earlier than 30 days prior to entering Finland against <em>Echinococcus multilocularis</em> tapeworm, which causes echinococcosis. The deworming preparation must be approved for the animal species in question and the administration of the medication must be attested by a veterinarian's certificate. The veterinarian who administers the preparation has to record it in the pet passport, which every cat and dog entering Finland is required to have.</p>

The purpose of the medication is to prevent the echinococcus parasite from spreading to Finland. Echinococcosis has never been diagnosed in Finland.

A more explicit requirement for the medication of cats and dogs against echinococcus was enforced as of 1 December 2010. The requirement applies to animals brought to Finland from within the EU. The echinococcus medication (preparation containing praziquantel or epsiprantel) must be administered before entry into Finland. The requirement had previously been falsely interpreted with dogs and cats often medicated already in Finland before the pet was taken abroad.

Echinococcus medication is not preventive but only destroys the parasite, which the dog may have picked up during its stay in a country where the parasite is found. Echinococcus medication administered already before the trip abroad will not prevent the parasite from entering Finland.

In practice, the medication can be administered either in the country where the animal has stayed, e.g. in Latvia, even if the journey back to Finland is through Estonia. Or, if it is more convenient, the medication can also be administered in Estonia. The important thing is to administer the preparation abroad before arriving in Finland to ensure that the parasite is destroyed and cannot spread in Finland.

Evira recommends that deworming is repeated 30 days after the first administration.

No medication against echinococcus is required of dogs and cats that return to Finland within 24 hours after they are taken abroad.

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