EFSA has published guidelines for applications for the safety evaluation of recycled plastics


<div>The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published guidelines for applications for the safety evaluation of the raw materials in recycled plastics to be used in contact with food. The application is to be submitted to the competent authority of the member state. </div>

Commission Regulation (EC) No 282/2008 requires that recycled plastic materials and articles coming into contact with food should only be obtained from recycling processes which have been assessed for safety by EFSA and authorised under the regulation in question. EFSA will evaluate the safety of mechanical recycling and of manufacturing methods where collected plastics are ground into small pieces, decontaminated and processed into new materials.

The aim of the new procedure is to stop food from becoming contaminated with chemicals possibly migrating from packaging to food. Plastics used in mechanical recycling could be contaminated with chemicals that are not suitable for food processes. In its safety assessment EFSA will take into account the quality of the plastic raw materials, the efficiency of the process to decontaminate the plastics and the intended use of the recycled plastic.

The business operators have to submit the application for authorisation of the recycling process by the end of 2009. Once EFSA has evaluated the safety of the recycling processes presented in the applications, the applications will be forwarded to the Commission for the authorisation procedure. The Commission keeps a register both of submitted applications for authorisation and of authorised recycling processes.

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