EU is awaiting the results of the Italian investigation into the cheese scandal


<div>The European Commission requested Italy on July 4th to report on the cheese fraud. According to the information available publicly, a cheese factory operated in the country which mixed 11 000 tonnes of cheeses unsuitable for human consumption into milk and sold these products.</div>

Italy has reported that the investigation into the matter started in March 2006 and that the suspected cheese factory, owned by a company by the name of Tradel in Cremona, was closed in June 2007. The facility in question has co-operated with a cheese factory in Novara by the name of Megal. This facility was closed in October 2007. Furthermore the authorities have reported that the products from these cheese factories have been withdrawn from the market and destroyed, which means that according to the Italian authorities they are no longer on the market.

The Italian food control, health protection, and tax authorities handling the matter gathered on July 10th in order to compile the report required by the European Commission. Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira is monitoring the situation and awaiting further information from the European Commission.

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