Evira has launched a Russian-language version of its website


<p>The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has added a Russian-language version to its Evira.fi website. Currently, the information content provided on the Russian-language pages focuses largely on the import and export of animals, plants and foods.</p>

The new Russian-language pages are part of the authority's services addressed to the general public, businesses and public bodies. The site provides travellers to and from Russia with a range of information, including details on the regulations concerning the import and export of pet animals, as well as those applicable to the import of gifts to Finland. Evira controls the import of foodstuffs derived from animals, such as meat and dairy products, including when it is imported as a gift by passengers.

With this new section of the website, information on wood and wood packaging materials imported from Russia to Finland will be available in Russian for business purposes. The import of plants is also discussed on the pages.

One of the most visited sections of the Evira.fi website are dedicated to food hygiene proficiency and the associated hygiene certification. Now this basic information is also available in Russian.

The Russian-language site will be expanded and developed as part of the Evira.fi entity. The underlying purpose is to develop the website of Evira so that it meets the information needs of all potential users, such as the general public, businesses, collaboration partners and the media.

You can visit the Russian-language pages of Evira.fi at http://www.evira.fi/portal/ru/

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