Evira now controls biological control agents and pollinators


<p>The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira now controls pollinators and biological control agents used under glass and in open fields. All control agents or pollinators in use must be approved by Evira.</p>

Use of biological control and pollinators is on the increase, particularly in commercial greenhouse production. In Finland alone, more than 40 different species of insects, arachnids or nematodes are already used in biological control. Bumble bees in glasshouses and honey bees in open fields pollinate soft fruit or berry plants and other fruits. New species suitable for biological control are discovered continuously.

Pollinators and biological control agents must not pose a threat to plant health, for example by becoming harmful for crop plants when multiplying too vigorously. That is why Evira controls their marketing, use and imports.

Notification or permit application to Evira by the end of 2013

During autumn 2013, Evira will start maintaining a list on its website of approved species and products and their applications. The list will be based on notifications and permit applications. A notification to Evira by the end of 2013 is sufficient, if the organism species are indigenous to Finland or if they are included in the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) list.

If the species is not included in the Evira or EPPO lists, permit application should be submitted to Evira. The application and notification forms and detailed instructions will be published on the Evira website in October 2013.

“Submission of notifications and permit applications by the end of the year is important, because the inspections for 2014 are planned based on them,” reminds Senior Inspector Aino-Maija Alanko from the Plant Health Unit at Evira.

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Senior Inspector Aino-Maija Alanko, t. +358 (0)50 592 0886

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