Evira receives extensive accreditation


<div>The Finnish Accreditation Service FINAS has granted accreditation to the Food Safety Authority Evira that has now been in operation for one year. The accreditation is one of the most extensive accreditations in scope ever granted by FINAS, and covers most of Eviras laboratory activities.</div>

The laboratories of the various authorities and agencies that a year ago were united to form Evira have carried out accredited activities since 1993. The Evira units that the FINAS accreditation covers include the microbiology, chemistry and toxicology, virology, and pathology units, as well as the research units in Kuopio, Oulu and Seinäjoki, and the cereal inspection unit.

Evira's accredited scope comprises a total of 131 methods, used in the research of foods, feeds, samples of animal origin, fertiliser products, and cereals.

The integrated management system of Evira meets the requirements of the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, which was a precondition for the accreditation. The new accreditation decision No. T014 combines the earlier accreditation decisions No. T014 (foods, samples of animal origin and animal diseases), No. T026 (cereal inspection) and No. T086 (feeds and fertiliser products).

Accreditation is a procedure for establishing competence. The procedure, which is based on international criteria, is a reliable means for verifying the competence of the applicant organisation, and the credibility of the certificates granted by the organisation. Accreditation is sought voluntarily by organisations.

The Finnish Accreditation Service FINAS that is the national accreditation body in Finland, is a unit of the Centre for Metrology and Accreditation (MIKES).

For more information, please contact:
Tuula Pirhonen, Laboratory Quality Manager, Evira, tel. +358 (0) 20 77 24478,
Leena Saari, Chemist, Evira, puh. 020 77 24426

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