Evira reminds the owners of sheep and goats that the use of movement documents has stopped pursuant to amendment nr 356/2008 to the decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


<div>The movements between animal holding areas are only reported on the Sheep and goat register’s movement report. The reports are made using the internet register, a paper form from the Sheep and Goat Register or by phone to Evira’s customer service. </div>

Using a movement document does not replace the register’s movement report. If the animal keeper has been making movement reports from the beginning of June using only the movement documents that are sent to the State Provincial Office, the movements have to be reported to the register.

Evira published a guideline in June on the procedure for changing the holding areas. This guideline has made it possible to reduce the number of holding areas if the requirements for combining the holdings are fulfilled. The goal with this guideline is to reduce the number of movement reports for the animal keeper on farms with several holding areas in close vicinity. Changes to the holding areas are reported to the municipal rural business authority.

If animals are purchased, a purchase report has to be made in the register. The transfer out done by the seller does not register the animals with the buyer, but every animal keeper has to do their own reporting.

For additional information, please contact:
Designer Pia Vilen, IT Management Unit, tel. 020 77 24345

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