Evira to have the northernmost EU plant variety testing facility


<div>The Community Plant Variety Office CPVO and Evira signed an agreement in January, based on which CPVO will be able to order from Evira variety descriptions needed for the protection of plant variety rights from Evira. The CPVO Administrative Council approved Evira as a testing facility for the Office in October. </div>

CPVO is a Community Office established in 1995, which grants plant variety protection at EU level. The same protection is immediately valid in all of the member countries. Variety protection entitles the plant breeder to financial compensation for the utilisation of the variety for commercial purposes and therefore safeguards the breeder’s potential to develop better varieties than previous ones.

A condition for acquiring plant variety protection is that the variety has passed a DUS (distinctness, uniformity and stability) test in a field plot trials. By testing it is ensured that the new variety is clearly distinct from other varieties of the same species that are on the market. It is uniform, that is to say, each plant individual is similar and its properties remain the same from one generation to the next.

DUS tests have been carried out and variety descriptions have been issued for a long time at Evira’s premises in Loimaa. The agreement that has now been signed covers cultivated plant species that are important to Finland, that is barley, spring and winter wheat, oats, rye, red and white clover, timothy, meadow fescue, tall fescue, smooth stalked meadow grass, and in addition reed canary grass.

The Loimaa premises are CPVO’s northernmost testing facility. The agreement confirms Evira’s role as an examination office in the northern areas of the EU and at the same time it also helps the plant breeders in the northern areas to apply for protection covering the whole of the EU area.

More on variety descriptions and DUS testing (in Finnish):

For more information, please contact:
Director Matti Puolimatka, Evira, tel. 040 7625 126
Senior Officer Kaarina Paavilainen, Evira, tel. 020 77 25370

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