Evira to participate in a project by EFSA for assessing food consumption and exposure among children


<div>On 2.12.2008 was ascertained that the European Food Safety Authority EFSA would grant 300 000 euros for a consortium project, the object being “Individual Food consumption data and exposure assessment studies for children”. Food consumption data for EFSA on children in E.U. member countries will be collected by the project. </div>

This material collected on food consumption data will be utilized in assessments of exposure to food colourants, selenium, chromium, and lead. Contents in food of the various compounds being assessed is provided by EFSA. EFSA will apply the food-usage data now being gathered also to later assessments of exposures.

From Finland, besides Food Safety Authority Evira, participating in the project are also the National Public Health Institute (DIPP Study) and the University of Turku (STRIP Study), and the material on food consumption assembled by these will be sent to EFSA. Administration of the project will be handled by Ghent University in Belgium.

Additional information:
Tero Hirvonen, Risk Assessment Unit, tel. 02077 24294, tero.hirvonen at-merkki-kapea.gifevira.fi

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