Evira will arrange an invitational seminar 1.4.2009 on the subject of toxins in the Baltic Sea that enter the food chain: what do we know of the harm to people and the food chain from these toxins?


<div>This seminar arranged by Evira will present compact data on the presence of toxins in fish and other organisms. Objects are to bring fourth research data on the occurrence of environmental toxins from the Baltic Sea and of their residues in our food and throughout the food chain. </div>

The seminar will be opened by Director General Jaana Husu-Kallio, Evira
Chairperson will be Research Professor Anja Hallikainen, Evira, Risk Assessment Unit

The invitational seminar occurs on Wednesday 1.4.2009, between 1 pm to 3 pm,
in the auditorium of VR Kokouskeskus (VR Group's Conference Centre), Rautatietori 1 C, 00100 Helsinki
The entrance to this auditorium is located to the right of the main entrance of the Railway Station facing the Railway Square.
Map: http://www.vr.fi/heo/helsinki/asemakartta.htm

Lecture bulletins (in Finnish) can be found in the appended programme.
Study also the report: Levels of organic tin compounds in Baltic sea and Finnish fresh water fish (Description in English)

Seminar Agenda:
Itämeren myrkkypäästöt (Emissions of toxins to the Baltic Sea)
Johtava tutkija Matti Verta, Finland’s Environmental Administration SYKE
Itämeren tila – kalastonäkökulma (State of the Baltic Sea – A fishing angle)
Professori Sakari Kuikka, University of Helsinki
Itämeren kalan ympäristömyrkkypitoisuudet – muutokset (Environmental toxins in Baltic Fish – variations)
Yksikön päällikkö Hannu Kiviranta, National Institute for Health and Welfare THL
Itämeren uudet myrkkyuhat (Novel toxic threats in the Baltic Sea)
Erikoistutkija Jaakko Mannio, Finland’s Environmental Administration SYKE
Laivanpohjamaalit Itämeren kalassa (Paint from ship hulls in Baltic fish)
Tutkimusprofessori Anja Hallikainen, Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira
Itämeren kalat ravintona (Baltic fish as food)
Akatemiatutkija Jouni Tuomisto, National Institute for Health and Welfare THL

Additional information:
Research Professor Anja Hallikainen, Evira, Risk Assessment Unit, tel. +358 50 386 8433

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