Farmers do not need to submit notifications of biological control agents and pollinators to Evira


<p>Since the beginning of 2013, Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has been supervising the import, marketing and use of macro-organisms, i.e. insects, spiders and nematodes, used for biological control and pollination. Evira has negotiated with importers and marketers of such products to ensure that they make the necessary notifications or seek permits for their own products. Individual farmers or beekeepers need to submit a notification or make an approval application only if they order products directly from abroad or if the product ordered is not included in the file maintained by Evira. <br /></p>

Importers and marketers must submit notifications of the species used by them at present, or an approval application concerning them, to Evira by 31 December 2013.

“In other words, a notification is enough if the species is indigenous to Finland or included in the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) standard PM 6/3. Approval must be sought from Evira for use, import or marketing of any other species,” specifies Senior Officer Aino-Maija Alanko, who works at the Plant Health Unit.

Evira maintains a file of approved macro-organisms
Evira’s approval is needed for all biological control agents and pollinators before they can be used. Evira maintains a file of approved species and their purposes of use on the Evira website. Evira maintains the file of approved species and their purposes of use pursuant to the Act on Protecting Plant Health. The notifications and permissions are valid until further notice, unless the use of the products constitutes a threat to plant health. Evira updates the file as notifications of the first species or approval applications for them have been processed.

Evira has the right to prohibit marketing, use and import of macro-organisms, if they constitute a risk to plant health.

Make sure that you use approved macro-organisms
Before using macro-organisms, it is advisable to ensure that the product and the intended purpose of use are included in the file maintained by Evira from the beginning of 2014. If this is not the case, you should contact the importer or manufacturer of the product.

The responsibility for the control of microbial products containing fungi, bacteria or viruses rests with the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes. The approved microbial products can be found
in Tukes’ register of plant protection products (in Finnish)

Press release Evira began supervision of biological control agents and pollinators  (in Finnish)

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For further information, please contact:
Aino-Maija Alanko, Senior Officer, Plant Health Unit,
tel. +358 50 592 0886.

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