Finnish berries are now on the market - learn to read the markings


<p>The consumer can ensure the origin of the berries by buying only berries where the origin and grower information are clearly marked at the place of purchase.</p>

The origin of the berries has to be recorded when selling strawberries in shops and stalls at a market. On the packages there has to be information on both the country of origin and the packer, who often also is the actual grower of the berry.

It is only worth buying strawberries from such a place where the country of origin is clearly marked on the sales units. In places where strawberries are sold loose or in open sales units, the buyer can ask to see empty packaging boxes where you can verify the name and address of the grower. Sometimes even the day of picking is found on the boxes, and so the freshness of the berries can be verified.

The quality of the strawberries will be better if the berries are not poured onto the counter. That is why it can be good to favour berries that are presented for sale in pre-packaged boxes or that are even picked straight into the sales unit.

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