Finnish Grain Quality 2009 details the quality of the record crop


<p>The information on the quality of the grain harvest of 2009 is found in the publication Finnish Grain Quality in 2009. In the publication, information on the average values of the grain quality is presented by grain, variety and region. Quality factors are for example hectolitre weight, grain size, protein content, falling number and wet gluten.</p>

The quality monitoring of the crop is based on samples sent in by farmers. The farms taking part in the monitoring are selected randomly from the Rural Business Register of the Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. 1439 samples were sent in from the farms in 2009. The quality of the grain harvest has been monitored since 1966.

The results of the analyses of grain samples of the quality monitoring of the grain harvest shows that record high grain harvest of the autumn 2009 had greater hectoliter weight than average, but the protein content was very low. For the wheat harvest also the average falling number was higher than ten years average.

Additional information on the quality of the grain harvest is available on Eviras website. In the tables are set out for example the number of samples per category and region according to different quality factors.

Information on the quality of the grain harvest: > Kasvintuotanto ja rehut > Vilja > Viljasadonlaatu > Viljasadon laatu 2009  (in Finnish only)

Finnish Grain Quality 2009: > Webshop> Publications > Eviran julkaisuja 2010 > Finnish Grain Quality in 2009  (pdf, 2789kb)

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