Finnish Grain Quality 2012 reveals good quality grain harvest


<p>Details of the 2012 grain crop quality are collected in the publication Finnish Grain Quality 2012. The grain harvest quality was mostly good despite the cool and rainy growing season. The quality of organic grain was also good, but the yield was low.</p>

The quality of bread grain in 2012 did not reach the top quality of the previous year. The quality of oats and barley was good in terms of hectolitre weights as they reached record highs in the cool growing season. In order to form an overall picture of organically grown grain, more samples were analysed than in previous years.

The grain quality monitoring scheme collects average values on the grain quality by grain type, variety and growing region. The quality criteria include hectolitre weight, grain size, protein content, falling number, weed content and wet gluten.

The quality monitoring is based on samples sent in by growers. The farms for the monitoring scheme are selected by random sampling from the Farm Register maintained by the Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In 2012, the farms submitted a total of 1,008 samples for analysis. The grain crop quality monitoring scheme has been running since 1966.

Additional information on grain crop quality is available on the Evira website. The tables show e.g. sample numbers by classification and region for various quality criteria.

Information on grain crop quality:
Finnish Grain Quality 2012: > Publications > Plants > Finnish Grain Quality 2012 (pdf, 2 MB) > Plants > Cultivation and Production > Grain quality > Statistics on quality of grain crop > Grain quality 2012

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