Five Finnish experts appointed to EFSA Panels


<div>Five Finnish members have been appointed to the Panels of the European Food Safety Authority EFSA. The three-year terms of office of the EFSA Panels and the Scientific Committee started at the beginning of June. The total number of committees is nine and they consist of a total of 191 experts.</div>

The Finnish members are Professor Atte Von Wright from the University of Kuopio (Panel on additives and products or substances used in animal feed), Professor Sirpa Kärenlampi from the University of Kuopio (Panel on genetically modified organisms), Professor Marina Heinonen from the University of Helsinki (Panel on dietetic products, nutrition and allergies), Professor Seppo Salminen from the University of Turku (Panel on dietetic products, nutrition and allergies) and Professor Kari Tiirikkala from Agrifood Research Finland (Panel on plant health).

The European Food Safety Authority EFSA offers independent scientific counselling on all issues that influence food safety either directly or indirectly, including animal health and plant protection. EFSA is also asked to provide advice on nutritional issues in the context of Community legislation. EFSA communicates all matters included in the Authority's area of responsibility to the public.

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