Food hygiene introduced as an optional subject in schools


<div>Finnish Food Safety Authority has been involved in the Hygiene Passport project of the Finnish Innovation Fund (Sitra), which was concluded today with the publication of on-line hygiene proficiency material. Teachers in comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools can utilise this material to introduce food hygiene as an optional subject. Students have the opportunity to take Evira's official hygiene proficiency examination as part of the course.</div>

The on-line teaching package has been particularly designed to motivate and appeal to young students. The material also includes a separate guide for the teachers. Students have the opportunity to take Evira's official hygiene proficiency examination as part of the course. The authentic hygiene proficiency certificate awarded to students who pass the examination can help them find e.g. summer jobs. The hygiene proficiency examination can only be organised as part of the course provided the teacher is a hygiene proficiency examiner approved by Evira or such an examiner is invited by the school to organise the examination. Students are not obliged to take the hygiene proficiency examination, however, in order to pass the course.

The introduction of food hygiene as an optional school subject familiarises students with safe handling of foodstuffs, and visits to various establishments, for example, bring the food industry closer to the student's everyday life. The subject can be easily integrated in other subjects such as home economics, health education and biology.

The objective of the Hygiene Passport project included in Sitra's Food and Nutrition Programme is to promote proficiency in food hygiene particularly among the 9th graders and the upper secondary school students, and to improve the awareness of the students of the food industry and the operators in the food industry.

The Finnish National Board of Education, the Federation of Home Economics Teachers, the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation, and Finfood have also contributed to the project.

Mastering food hygiene in basic education:
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