Formula (intended for cow-milk allergic infants) that has caused symptoms to babies in Sweden is not marketed in Finland


<div>Nutramigen LIPIL product (production batch no. 8D36210) that was recently introduced on the market in Sweden is suspected of having caused stomach upsets and vomiting in more than ten babies. Mead Johnson has recalled the product. Investigations have so far not revealed the reason for the babies' symptoms. </div>

Nutramigen LIPIL is a product for children allergic to cow's milk and it is used like baby formulae. Nutramigen LIPIL product is not marketed in Finland. 

Nutramigen and Nutramigen 2 LGG found on the Finnish market are different products and can still be given in compliance with the instructions of the doctor or the nutritionist to children allergic to cow's milk.

More information can be obtained from:  Lena Orrland, Area General Manager, Mead Johnson, tel. +46 8 704 71 91, +46 706425684,

Link to the news on the recall of Nutramigen LIPIL in Sweden (in Swedish)


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