Good manufacturing practice for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food will apply from 1.8.2008


<div>The self-monitoring practices of manufacturers, importers and marketers are the basis for sustainable production and import of food contact materials. The self-monitoring covers the business operator’s systematic measures to ensure the adherence to the requirements for contact materials. The self-monitoring is based on the adherence to good manufacturing practices. </div>

Commission Regulation No 2023/2006 was issued on good manufacturing practice for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. The manufacturers of materials and articles have to ensure that the general and detailed rules for good manufacturing practices are adhered to. Good manufacturing practices require sufficient knowledge of the legislation.

The GMP regulation shall apply from 1.8.2008 at all stages of manufacture, processing and distribution of materials and articles, excluding the production of starting substances. The business operators shall implement a quality control system in keeping with the regulation. It has to be made available to the competent authority on request. The municipal food safety authorities are also monitoring the operations in the field of contact materials.

The Nordic control authorities in conjunction with representatives for the industry and trade have laid out guidelines on self-monitoring and good manufacturing practices which are found on Evira’s Internet pages (guidelines are given in English): > Elintarvikkeet > Valvonta ja yrittäjät > Kontaktimateriaalit > Hyvät tuotantotavat, GMP

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Commission Regulation No 2023/2006:

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