Good Quality Grain Crop in 2012


<p>The harvested grain crop was good in terms of quality and quantity although the growing season started late and was cold and rainy. High yield per hectare increased the total yield. Late harvesting did not significantly weaken the falling number of bread grain. The protein content in all grain crops remained lower than the average. Barley and oats had high hectolitre weight. This preliminary data on grain quality has been compiled by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira and Tike Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.</p>

More than one half of the wheat crop is suitable for bread. Approximately 469 of the total wheat yield of 908 million kilograms meet the quality requirements set for hectolitre weight, falling number and protein content in basic-price wheat to be used in bread.

The overall yield consisted of 803 kilograms of spring wheat and 105 kilograms of winter wheat. The quality of wheat yield was weakened by its low protein content. The protein content of winter wheat was the lowest since 1999. Although most of the spring wheat was harvested after mid-September its average falling number was good.

There are significant regional differences, partly due to the choice of cultivar. In Southeast Finland only 32 per cent and in Southwest Finland only 38 per cent of the spring wheat yield is suitable for bread, whereas in Southern Ostrobothnia the figure is 50 per cent, in Satakunta 61 per cent, in Häme and Uusimaa 70 percent and in Pirkanmaa and Ostrobothnia close to 90 per cent.

The 66-million-kilogram yield of rye was of good quality. 86 per cent of the yield has a hectolitre weight of at least 71 kilograms and a falling number of 120.

Good Crop of Malting Barley

72 percent or about 268 million kilograms of the malting barley yield meet the quality requirements set by the malting industry on sorting and protein content. The amount of malting-quality crop is clearly higher than in the two previous years due to low protein content and large kernel size. Although the quantity of the malting barley yield seems good, the past exceptional growing season may have weakened seed germination and increased the amount of mould and, consequently, weakened the quality of malting barley.

High Hectolitre Weight in Feed Grain

71 per cent of the barley yield has a hectolitre weight of over 64 kilograms while a year earlier the corresponding figure was only 38 per cent.

The average hectolitre weight of oats is the highest in over fifteen years. 90 per cent of the oats yield exceeds the minimum hectolitre weight of 52 kilograms, generally applied in the feed production. As much as 61 per cent of the oats crop, or 663 million kilograms, meet the hectolitre weight requirement of 58 kilograms usually applied for grit oats. The average kernel size of oats was good but the protein content was lower than in previous years.

Background for Crops and Quality Data

Data on the quality of the grain yield in 2012 is still of a preliminary nature at this stage. The grain yield quality table, based on finalised data, will be published on 14 February, 2013.The table will combine grain yield quantities in Tike’s crop production statistics with quality control data on the 2012 grain yield from the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira’s grain laboratory. Approximately 6000 farms were included in Tike’s study, and out of them the data from 3800 farms was included in the preliminary data. Samples from approximately 400 farms were analyzed in Evira’s grain quality survey.

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Chart: Grain quality 2012 - forecast 29.11.2012 (pdf, 200 kt)

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