Green Office designation awarded to Evira


<p>WWF has granted Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira the right to use the Green Office logo. The environmental systems of Evira's Viikki office and two regional offices (Oulu and Loimaa) were inspected in December 2009 and found to fulfil the criteria defined for the Green Office designation.</p>

Evira has prepared a Green Office environmental programme for all the offices of the Authority and has committed to complying with the Green Office criteria. The recognition and consideration of environmental aspects in everyday operations as well as the development of the personnel's level of environmental awareness are among Evira's objectives. The amount of waste as well as the consumption of paper and electricity have been selected as the first environmental indicators to be monitored and reported. The objective is to:

  • reduce consumption of office paper per employee by 10% from the level of 2009 by the beginning of 2011.
  • reduce amount of waste per employee by 15% from the level of 2009 by the beginning of 2011.
  • reduce the proportion of office electricity of the building electricity consumption from the level of 2009 by the beginning of 2011, and to reduce CO2 emissions.

Green Office is an environmental service for offices designed to save natural resources and promote sustainable consumption habits. WWF encourages offices participating in the Green Office system to serve as an example to the society by adopting eco-efficient solutions and environmentally benign practices. This will also produce savings in material and energy costs. Evira and WWF agreed to start Green Office cooperation by an agreement signed on 12 December 2009.

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For more information, please contact:
Liisa Maunuksela, Senior Research Scientist, Evira, tel. +358 (0) 20 77 25263



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