Half a million hygiene proficiency certificates


<div>As the administrator of the hygiene proficiency system, Evira manages, guides and controls the operation of the proficiency examiners. The 500000th hygiene proficiency certificate was issued in the examination organised in Juva on 5 April 2008 by examiner Pirjo Tuovinen. Nine people took the examination that had been ordered by an association called Kaskiin Martat, and they all passed it and received the hygiene proficiency certificate. </div>

According to Pirjo Tuovinen, the examinees represented a very wide age range and had very different reasons for taking the examination. Some were employed in the health care sector and needed the certificate because of that, while one of the examinees was a pensioner who took the examination purely for self-development purposes. This shows that hygiene proficiency certificates are not obtained only be people who need it because they handle unpacked perishable foodstuffs in their work.

The hygiene proficiency system is a unique system stipulated in law that has attracted a lot of interest in other EU countries. Apart from the special examination that measures hygiene proficiency, the certificate can also be obtained on the basis of an applicable degree certificate in e.g. food technology. Evira has approved and appointed some 1700 hygiene proficiency examiners who arrange the examinations and issue the proficiency certificates in different parts of the country. About 10000 examinations are arranged every year and ca. 60000 certificates are issued to the examinees.

In the food industry, employees who handle unpacked perishable foodstuffs in an approved food establishment are required to have the hygiene proficiency certificate that proves their knowledge of food hygiene.

More information about hygiene proficiency is provided on the Internet site of Evira: http://web02.evira.local/portal/en/food/hygiene_proficiency/

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