Health authorisation for fish, crayfish and mussel production businesses


<div>Health authorisation for rearing of aquaculture animals, or fish, crayfish and mussels has to be applied for from Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira by 1.2.2009. On Åland the authorisation is to be applied for from the provincial government. The aim of the health authorisation is to increase the responsibilities of the business operators in order to prevent the spread of animal diseases. </div>

Almost all of the business operators that cultivate fish, crayfish or mussels and fertilised gametes of these for sale or otherwise to be used for food purposes, rearing or for restocking will need an authorisation.

The cases where the producer does not need to apply for a health authorisation are listed on Evira’s Internet pages (in Finnish): > Eläimet ja terveys > Eläintaudit > Tarttuvien eläintautien ehkäiseminen > Vesiviljelyeläinten terveyslupa

A fish processing plant will need a health authorisation if it processes fish that originate from a containment area that has been contained due to an easily spreading fish disease.

The central part of the application is a description of the self-monitoring of the operation. Here, the business describes how it prevents the spread of animal diseases in its everyday operations. The “Turbin project” funded by the European Fisheries Fund helps with the self-monitoring plan and with formulating a description of it.

The need for authorisation is based on legislation that came into force on 31.7.2008: The amended Act on Animal Diseases 408/2008 and the decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MMM) on the control of animal diseases in fish, crustaceans and molluscs 470/2008. Health authorisation is required for business operators in all EU countries (directive 2006/88/EC). A link to the list of authorised Finnish businesses and their processing establishments will be found on Evira’s Internet pages in autumn 2009 at the abovementioned address. A corresponding list is to be collated in all EU countries. The businesses will be able to use the information in the list for example in order to ensure the prerequisites for trade.

For additional information, please contact:

- Health authorisation: Senior Officer Hanna Kuukka-Anttila, Animal Health and Welfare Unit, Evira, tel. 020 77 24331 or 040 3513318 (from 7.8.2008)

- “Turbin project”: Senior Researcher Perttu Koski, Research Unit for Fish and Wildlife Health, Evira, tel. 020 77 24903 or 040 5694541

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