Instructions for destroying by-products of home slaughter enters into force on January 1, 2013


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As of January 1, 2013 by-products of home-slaughtering of pigs and ruminants must not be destroyed by burying them in species-specific carcass-collection areas. The transition period in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Decree 1192/2011 has been continued for half a year. The burial prohibition shall not apply to remote areas where burial will continue to be permissible.

In collection areas by-products of home slaughter can be destroyed by delivering them to Honkajoki Oy, an approved processing plant. The collection shall be performed by a registered operator. The method of removal of home-slaughtered animals must be stated in the animal register as “slaughtered on the farm”. The removal notification must be issued within the time limits prescribed on a species-specific basis.

The earmarks of a slaughtered ruminant must be salvaged and given to the collector at the time the slaughter by-products are collected. The number of the earmark is also noted on the collection voucher.

Slaughter by-products can also be collected or dispatched from different farms to a common storage point, for example a cooled container from which they are delivered to the processing plant. Approval must be obtained for this type of storage space as an intermediate plant whose approval and supervision is the responsibility of the county veterinarian.

Approval of an incineration plant or co-incineration plant intended for burning farm-specific carcasses in accordance with the by-product decree does not cover the burning of home slaughter by-products. An incineration plant intended for burning this type of material must comply with the environmental regulations. Any authorization procedures required for such activity are handled by the local environmental protection authority which will also provide information concerning the requirements set out for burning.

The producer is responsible for all costs related to the collection and destruction of home slaughter by-products.

For further information, please contact:
Senior Inspector Saana Orkola, tel. +358 (0)50 574 8356

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