International seminar on pest risk assessment in Finland


<p>The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira will organise an international seminar on pest risk assessment for researchers and other actors involved. The purpose of the seminar is to intensify cooperation in this field and to enhance knowledge of pest risk assessment. In conjunction to the seminar, the European Food Safety Authority EFSA will celebrate its 10th anniversary on the same theme of pest risk assessment.</p>

The seminar will address a wide range of topics related to pest risk assessment and related disciplines. The keynote speaker at the seminar is Dr. Andrew Liebhold who will give a presentation of the population ecology of invasions and their management. Other presentations will discuss, e.g. ways of predicting which pests may invade new areas and pose a threat to the local plant production and the impact of climate change on the distribution of pests. Additionally, talks will be given on the pathways of entry of pests and mathematical simulation of invasions.

The event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the European Food Safety Authority EFSA will provide an overview of EFSA’s work in the field of plant health, e.g. concerning risk assessment guidance and monitoring of emerging risks threatening plant health. A closer look will be taken at some pest risk assessments important to Finland, such as the assessment of Solanaceous popsiviroids and that of Phytophthora ramorum microbe causing sudden oak death. Also, a project addressing the quality of pest surveys carried out by the plant health authorities in the EU will be presented at the event.

The expert seminar and the EFSA’s 10th anniversary celebration will be held at the House of the Estates (Säätytalo), Helsinki, 1 -3 October2012. Both events will have lecturers and audience from several European countries.

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