Investigation of IPN cases in inland waters completed


<p>This year, the IPN (infectious pancreatic necrosis) virus has been identified in five different fish farms in Finnish inland waters. The latest infected fish farm was found during follow-up investigations to establish the spread of the infections, near a previously infected fish farm. The IPN cases found inland have been isolated from samples taken from juvenile rainbow trout. IPN virus is found in Finnish marine areas every year, but it has been rare in inland waters up to now. The IPN virus is harmless to humans and does not prevent using the fish for food.</p>

During follow-up investigations of the infections found earlier this year, altogether 14 fish farms that had had contact with the infected farms were tested for IPN virus. IPN virus was not found in these fish farms.

The incidence of IPN virus in Finnish fish farms is monitored by risk based sampling scheme. In inland water areas, all fish farms and hatcheries that have been awarded health certification are tested for IPN virus by the authorities at least every second year, and if the farm is at increased risk of infection, samples are taken more frequently. Fish farmers are advised to ensure that statutory control testing is carried out according to schedule. Any symptoms indicative of IPN occurring in fish must be immediately reported to the municipal veterinary surgeon.

Evira has released information on previous IPN occurrences in Finnish inland waters on 28.3. (in Finnish) and 25.7.2012 (in English).

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Additional information:
Senior Inspector Tiina Korkea-aho (fish disease control), t. +358 (0)40 351 3318
Senior Researcher Pia Vennerström (fish disease research), t. +358 (0)50 354 4603
Senior Researcher Tuija Gadd (fish viral diagnostics) t. +358 (0)50 357 0328
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