Medication effective against deer ked infections in reindeer


<p>Deer ked infections have been established to cause considerable adverse effects to reindeer. Ivermectin medication has now been proven effective for the control of deer ked in reindeer husbandry and for the treatment of infected reindeer. The effectiveness of the medication was studied in the Fish and&nbsp;Wildlife Health Research Unit of Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira.</p>

Deer ked ( Lipoptena cervi) has in the recent decades spread towards north and at present is prevalent in the southern reindeer husbandry region. Preparations have been made in reindeer husbandry to prevent the adverse effects of these external parasitic flies. Nowadays approximately 80% of the breeding reindeer are treated with ivermectin to control endo and ecto parasites. The efficacy of Ivermectin against deer ked has been studied in a deer ked research project of Evira.
The project is included in Evira's research related to the health and wellfare of wild and farmed animals.

The research results have been published in the international scientific journal Annales Zoologici Fennici 2010: 47, pp. 28-36 (pdf, 1170kb)
Kynkäänniemi S-M, Kortet R, Härkönen L, Kaitala A, Paakkonen T, Mustonen A-M, Nieminen P, Härkönen S, Ylönen, Laaksonen S.
Threat of an invasive parasitic fly, the deer ked ( Lipoptena cervi), to the reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus): experimental infection and treatment.

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Researcher Sauli Laaksonen, Fish and Wildlife Health Research Unit, tel. +358 50 469 1471,
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