Melamine found in some products of Chinese origin, monitoring continues in Finland


<div>Melamine exceeding the maximum level has been found in some of the Chinese products analysed by Evira. The products do not cause risks for health to consumers. The municipal food control authorities are continuing inspections and sampling. In the future the monitoring will be focused on by the import controls carried out by Customs.</div>

Melamine found in some products
Evira and the Customs Laboratory have continued the analyses of sweets and biscuits of Chinese origin. So far 33 samples have been analysed. Evira has found melamine in excess of 2.5 mg/kg in two White Rabbit sweets. Information on these batches had already been conveyed to Finland, and they have been withdrawn from the market. In addition, Evira has found melamine in excess of the permitted level in two new batches of Koala Melon biscuits. These batches are being withdrawn from the market and Finland is sending a notification to RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) in order to inform the other EU member states. In the Customs Laboratory analyses, one biscuit sample has been found to contain melamine at below the permitted level, and in 28 samples no melamine was found.

Inspections are continuing
The municipal food control authorities have so far inspected about 160 Chinese food product outlets. The inspections found only a few food products of Chinese origin containing milk. Information has been received via the rapid alert system RASFF that individual batches of White Rabbit sweets containing melamine have been imported to Finland. The authorities are ensuring that all of these products are being withdrawn from the market and destroyed.

In the future the monitoring will be focused on by the Customs import controls
There is still a ban on the importation of Chinese baby's milk formula and food for young children. The Customs Laboratory monitors the import of Chinese foods containing milk and Evira is continuing to test batches that have already been imported. All of the imported food batches containing milk are analysed. Foods high in protein are also being analysed. The importers cover the costs of the import monitoring.

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