More adult Colorado Potato Beetles have been found in Parikkala


<div>More adult Colorado potato beetles have been found at the beetle infestation site in Parikkala. In the recheck performed by Evira’s monitoring team last Friday (11.8.), 14 adult beetles were found, and on Tuesday (15.8.) another 22. The beetles were found at the infestation site and had not spread to the other parts of the potato plot. As the site had been treated previously with a pesticide and also flame treated, the hatched adults were no longer vigorous, and some of them were found to be dead. Due to the finding, the infestation site was retreated with the pesticide. The monitoring of the area is still continuing, as there could be more individuals hatching in the soil.</div>

In all, in the three infestation sites found this summer, there have been close to 300 individual developing Colorado beetles.  Of these, in the two findings in Parikkala there were 30 in one area and 165 in the other, and in the finding in Kesälahti there were 100 individuals.  The majority of the beetles have been larvae, but there have also been pupae and adults.  The findings have been destroyed by Evira’s monitoring team, which means that the spread of the beetles from these sites has been prevented.

New infestations of the Colorado beetle have not been found, even though individual beetles may have migrated along with the strong easterly winds from Russia, especially to the areas of South and North Karelia.

There is reason to continue monitoring the potato crops until the harvesting of the potatoes, as there could well still be individual findings.  Currently it is especially worth checking for any adult beetles which are found on the leaves of the potato plants.  While checking, it is also especially worth paying attention to potato plants that have been stripped bare.  Then there would be reason to suspect, that there had been a larvae infestation on that site, and that the larvae have burrowed into the soil in order to pupate.  Any findings of potato plants where the stems have been stripped bare, of Colorado beetle larvae or adult individuals have to be reported immediately to Evira’s plant protection service or to the TE-Centre’s agricultural department.

Contact information for reporting of any findings and photos and information (in Finnish) about the Colorado potato beetle may be found on Evira’s web pages at the address:  The general emergency phone number for reporting the findings is 0400 442 209.

For additional information:
Senior Inspector Olli Elfving, Evira, phone 020 77 25048 and 0400 808 522
Senior Inspector Atro Virtanen, Evira, phone 020 77 25047 and 040 7049607

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