New finding of Colorado Potato Beetles in Sipoo


<div>A potato grower in Sipoo reported a finding of Colorado Potato Beetles on 30.8.2006. The TE-Centre’s plant protection inspectors visited the site in order to confirm the finding. Several adult Colorado beetles and some egg masses were found in the potato field during the inspection. The beetles were found in one infestation spot, which indicates that they are the descendants of one individual beetle. </div>

This is the fourth finding of Colorado beetles this summer, but the first one in the area of the East Uusimaa region.  The earlier findings were in Southeast Finland.

The beetles were already burrowing into the soil to hibernate, so some of the beetles may have avoided the control measures if they have burrowed deeply.  There can also be more findings in other potato plots in the vicinity, if the beetles migrated to the area of East Uusimaa during July.  The potato growers in East Uusimaa are being urged to be especially alert regarding the beetles in conjunction with the potato harvest.  It is worth checking the potato plants for Colorado beetles even before harvesting.

The origin of the Colorado beetles that were found now is not known for sure, but it is likely that it comes from individuals that have migrated this summer.  It has taken about 40 days for the beetle to develop this summer, so the female in the finding in Sipoo had laid the eggs around mid-July.  The beetles may have migrated with a thunderstorm front that came in from the southeast at that time.  The beetles may also have migrated with traffic from the east or with the boat traffic on the Gulf of Finland.

For additional information:

Inspector Ammi Malkamäki, TE-Centre, phone 040 701 0205
Senior Inspector Atro Virtanen, Evira, phone 020 77 25047 and 040 704 9607

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