New findings of the Colorado beetle reported in Southern and Central Finland


<p>Colorado beetles have so far been found in seven potato fields in Southern and Central Finland. Regional information about findings of this beetle is updated daily on the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira’s Web site.</p>

Earlier this week, new findings of the Colorado beetle were reported in the following locations: Sysmä, in the Päijät-Häme region; Joutsa, Central Finland; Somero, in South-west Finland; and the Uusimaa region’s Nummi-Pusula. All of these reports were confirmed with detection of these beetles. Control measures are under way at the sites involved, and Evira’s inspectors are conducting inspections, looking for the beetle in nearby potato fields.

Right now, it is essentially important to monitor potato fields and home gardens for the Colorado beetle in all but the northernmost parts of Finland. The beetles must be destroyed in time: before the larvae enter the ground, where they pupate.

In addition to the yellow-and-black adult beetles, different stages of larvae and egg masses can be found in potato fields. The larvae are dark red or orange in colour. Some of the larvae may already be pupating in the ground, after which they will return to the plants as adults. Information on how to identify the Colorado beetle can be found on Evira's Web site via the link below.

Sightings and suspected sightings should be reported via the Evira hotline: 040 801 4407
(between 9am and 8pm, including weekends).

For more information, please contact
Raija Valtonen, Head of Section, Evira, at tel. +358 (0)2077 25040 or +358 (0)40 560 2510.

The Colorado potato beetle situation in Finland: (in Finnish) > Kasvit > Viljely ja tuotanto > Kasvitaudit ja tuholaiset > Ajankohtaista > Koloradonkuoriaisen esiintymistilanne ( Findings of Colorado beetle)

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