New recommendations for the use of antimicrobials for animals


<div>Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has published the updated recommendations for the use of antimicrobials against the most important infectious diseases of animals. The purpose of the recommendations is to promote the controlled use of antimicrobials in veterinary medicine and thereby impede the increase in antimicrobial resistance.</div>

Separate recommendations have been issued for each animal species or category of animal species. The starting point is to target the antimicrobials as much as possible, that is to say to select a medicine with as narrow a spectrum of activity as possible. In addition, unnecessary treatment with antimicrobials should be avoided. In many cases the animals’ susceptibility to disease can be reduced by improving their environment.

The effects of antimicrobial use are not limited only to the individual animal or animal group to which the medication is administered. It also has an effect on the humans who work and live with the animals, and more widely on the food safety and on human health.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry gave the first examples of the application of antimicrobials for animals in 1996. These were updated as recommendations for use in 2003. The recommendations for use have now been updated to take into account the changes since 2003 as to morbidity, production, treatment and selection of medication. In addition, the situation regarding antimicrobial resistance in animals in Finland has been taken into account when making the recommendations.

The recommendations have been updated by a standing antimicrobial work group appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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