No findings of Colorado Beetles


<div>So far, there have been no findings of Colorado beetles. The relatively cool summer and the prevailing air flows have not been favourable to the development of the beetle and its spread to Finland. </div>

 If a similar weather pattern continues, the Colorado beetle might appear on the potato plants as late as the end of July and the beginning of August. All potato growers, both commercial and non-commercial, should now check the potato plantings for the beetle. It is more likely that groups of larvae will be found than individual beetles. The larvae are always found in colonies. A colony will usually cover a few square metres. Initially, they eat holes into the potato leaves and then they shred them, at the final stage there may be only leaf stalks left.

Evira is urging the growers to check the potato plantings regularly every week, especially in the southern coastal area and in the municipalities close to the eastern border as far north as Ilomantsi. The plant protection inspectors will be monitoring the potato plantings until the end of August.

If a beetle colony goes undetected, the number of beetles can increase to 200 - 300 during the first summer, and by the following summer there can be several thousands of them. This number of beetles is sufficient to destroy a field of potatoes of about one hectare if no control is undertaken.

More information about the Colorado beetle and its identifying markings may be found on Evira's Internet pages (in Finnish):

The service number for the reporting of sightings is 040 801 4407 (between the hours of 9-20).

For additional information, please contact:
Senior Officer Atro Virtanen, Evira, tel. +358 20 77 25047
Senior Officer Salla Hannunen, Evira, tel. + 358 20 77 25072

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