No melamine found in products sold in Finland


<div>Only a small number of Chinese products containing milk have been found in inspections carried out by municipal food control authorities. None of the analysed samples contained melamine in excess of the permitted limit values. The control authorities have inspected more than 100 ethnic stores, restaurants and candy wholesale stores, and Chinese products containing milk were only found in a few of them. </div>

Analysed products meet regulations
Municipal food control authorities from all over Finland have sent Chinese products containing milk to Evira for melamine analyses (15 samples). Part of them (6 samples) were analysed this week, and no melamine levels in excess of the permitted 2.5 mg/kg were found in any of the products. The analyses will continue and more samples are expected also next week.

Products containing melamine imported from France
According to information received through the European RASFF system (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed), a small batch of Koala biscuits and White Rabbit candy, which contain melamine, has been imported to Finland also from France. The products do not cause any health hazards to the consumers. The authorities have verified that the products have been withdrawn from the market by the operators in question. Earlier last week the same biscuits and candy products were withdrawn on the basis of a RASF notification received from Holland.

Inspections all over Finland
Municipal food authorities have inspected at Evira's request more than 100 ethnic stores, restaurants and candy wholesale stores. Only a few Chinese products containing milk have been found in these inspections. The operators have withdrawn these products voluntarily from the market. Importers have also sent requests to their distributors to withdraw any suspicious products from the market.

Evira wishes to remind importers and retailers that Evira must be informed about the withdrawn products in compliance with the withdrawal procedure. Instructions for this procedure are available at:  

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