No observations of Colorado beetles this summer either


<p>Weather conditions and air currents this summer were not favourable to Colorado beetles spreading to Finland. No individual beetles were found that would have wintered at locations with occurrences in previous years. The control period this year has ended.</p>

No observations this year and last year of Colorado beetles have been made. Worst occurrences took place in 1998 and 2002 when air currents brought beetles to large areas of South-Eastern Finland. Only a few occurrences have been found in later years. These were eliminated such that Colorado beetles have not been able permanently to spread to Finland. However, the danger of Colorado beetle invasions will remain in coming summers, as these beetles permanently appear in areas neighbouring on Finland.

Evira will now close informing on Colorado beetles for this summer and wishes to express their gratitude to all parties that did contribute to preventing the spreading of Colorado beetles. It has been of essential importance that media, farmers and citizens actively did contribute to prevention.

In case beetles having wintered possibly are found when taking up potatoes, these immediately should be reported to the rural department of the TE Centre, or to Evira’s Plant Health Unit. Contact data can be found on Evira’s web pages at (in Finnish)

Additional information:
Senior Inspector Atro Virtanen, Evira, t. +358 20 77 25047
Head of Section Olli Elfving, Evira, t. +358 20 77 25150


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