No observations of Colorado beetles


<p>Weather conditions and air currents this summer have not favoured the spreading and wandering of Colorado beetles to Finland. No occurrences of any significance have appeared in regions bordering on Finland, why also the probability of an invasion has been rather small. No discoveries this summer of Colorado beetles as yet have been made, but controlling continues and all concerned on their own initiative still should observe potato crops.</p>

Estimated developmental stage of a new generation of Colorado beetles possibly having wandered to our country would now be a larval stage, or a pupa stage burrowed into the soil. The next stage following the pupa stage is adults emerging from the pupae. Adult individuals consume potato leaves, and after that burrow into the soil to lie dormant underground over the winter. Presuming weather conditions continuing being warm, during the next few weeks a new generation of adult beetles may be found among potato plants.

Potato crops should be observed until harvesting. Stems particularly should be checked during uptake, or when possibly destroying the stems. Adult individuals, or potato plants with leaves eaten off may be found among the plants. This could be a sign of larvae of Colorado beetles having entered a pupa stage underground. Markers of Colorado beetles at the pupa stage are seen as round burrowing holes in the soil surface. During potato harvesting, one may discover adult beetles hibernating in the soil.

Observations of Colorado beetles immediately are to be reported to Evira or the plant inspector at the TE Centre, who verifies the observation and gives advice on further actions. Duty telephone number for reporting observations is 040 801 4407 (9 am to 8 pm).

More on the Colorado beetle at Evira’s web site (in Finnish).

Evira will release its next bulletin on Colorado beetles 10.9.2009, assuming no cause earlier to do so is to materialize.

Additional information:
Senior Inspector Atro Virtanen, Evira, t. 020 77 25047
Inspector Esko Viikari, Evira, t. 020 77 25151
Head of Section Olli Elfving, Evira, t. 020 77 25150


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