No observations of Colorado beetles


<p>No Colorado beetles have been found this year. The greatest risk of beetles spreading with air currents has passed, as these beetles now are at their larval stage and because few adult beetles have been found in potato crops in the neighbourhood of Finland.</p>

This summer air currents occasionally have arrived from southeast, why these may have carried individual beetles to Finland. Particularly, small-scale and professional potato farmers in Southeast Finland should control their crops for occurrences of Colorado beetles. Beetles at their larval stage are easier to discover as they most often appear in colonies of some tens of individuals in areas of a few square meters.

Identifying of Colorado beetle larvae

The larvae eats the leaves on potato plants such that these become perforated and frayed. An adult larva has a length of about 1 cm and orange colour, and two rows of black dots appear on both its sides. An adult beetle is about one centimetre long and on its backs has ten black longitudinal lines contrasting a yellow background.

More on the Colorado beetle at Evira’s web site (in Finnish)

Observations of Colorado beetles must be reported immediately

Observations and suspicions as of Colorado beetles immediately are to be reported to Evira or the plant inspector at the TE Centre in the region, who verifies the observation and gives advice on further actions. Duty telephone number for reporting observations is 040 801 4407 (9 am to 8 pm).
Evira will release its next bulletin on Colorado beetles 13.8.2009, assuming no cause to do so earlier is to materialize.

Additional information:
Senior Inspector Atro Virtanen, Evira, tel. 020 77 25047
Head of Section Olli Elfving, Evira, tel. 02077 25150


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