No salmonella found in further analyses of rapeseed meal


<p>The salmonella analyses on further rapeseed meal samples were completed at Evira over the weekend. The samples were taken from the remaining rapeseed meal (30 tons) in the warehouse of Hankkija-Maatalous Oy. They tested negative for salmonella. Moreover, the analysis results of the collection sample taken in August 2008 of the entire batch were also completed today, and showed no salmonella.</p>

Hankkija-Maatalous Oy analysed as part of their in-house control the remaining batch of the rapeseed meal imported to Finland in August 2008 (a total of 2.750 million kg) and found in it Salmonella Mbandaka, which is common in meals of plant origin. The rapeseed meal had been delivered from the warehouse primarily to cattle farms in Ostrobothnia, Upper-Savo and Northern Finland.

A sales ban has been imposed on the 30-ton batch of rapeseed meal in the warehouse in the Port of Oulu. Evira has prohibited the marketing of the batch and ordered Hankkija-Maatalous Oy to recall the meal delivered to the farms. The rapeseed meal had been delivered to ca. 170 cattle farms. The recall of the meal has already been started.

In order to verify the situation, a plan has been drawn up to target sampling at the farms to which the meal has been last delivered. Evira will send a letter of this to the farms, with more detailed instructions for action to be taken on the farms.

Finland has an extensive salmonella control programme in place. The annual occurrence of salmonella has been less than one percent. Salmonella has not been found in the samples taken from cattle in 2009.

For more information, please contact:
Kaija Varimo, Head of Unit, tel. +358 (0) 40 558 1637 (feeds)
Jessica Löfgren-Eriksson, Head of Section, tel. +358 (0) 40 572 2897 (animal diseases)


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