No salmonella found in last inspections of cattle farms


<p>The regulatory inspections of cattle farms, started after the Salmonella Typhimurium –bacterium was found in the feed manufacturing process of Rehuraisio on week 25, have now been completed. All the farms were found to be free from salmonella.</p>

Salmonella was at the factory found in malt sprouts, which are used as raw material for feed. As a precaution, the feed batch in which the contaminated sprouts had been used as well as the feed batches manufactured in the same production line the week before were recalled by Rehuraisio from the farms. Feed was recovered from a total of 26 cattle farms.

Animal faeces samples were taken from all farms where the possibly contaminated feed had already been given to the cattle. In addition, the feed silos in all the farms where the feed had been used as well as samples taken of the feed environment in a few other cattle and pig farms were tested for salmonella by Rehuraisio. A total of 53 farms were included in the investigations. All the samples tested negative for salmonella.

The investigations have proven that the salmonella found in the malt sprouts had not spread to the farms and thus had not endangered the health of the animals or the safety of foodstuffs.

For more information, please contact:
Sirpa Kiviruusu, Senior Officer (Animal Disease Control), tel. +358 (0) 400 920 503
Marja Turunen, Senior Officer (Feed Control), tel. +358 (0) 2077 25214


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