Number of Colorado beetle findings rises to 11


<p>Colorado beetles have so far been found on a total of 11 potato farms. At least part of the beetle larvae have already burrowed underground to pupate. It is therefore to be expected that new adult beetles will emerge from underground into the potato crop. The monitoring of potato fields and subsistence crops is for this reason now extremely important.</p>

New occurrences of the Colorado beetles have been found towards the end of last week and during the weekend in Tarvasjoki, Kouvola, Aura and Porvoo. The findings include larvae of all instars as well as pupae in the ground. The occurrences have all been found on the basis of sightings reported by farmers to the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira.

So far individual Colorado beetle findings have been made in Nousiainen, Joutsa, Somero, Nummi-Pusula, Tarvasjoki, Aura and Porvoo. Two occurrences have been found in both Sysmä and Kouvola. Eradicant action has been initiated against larvae and underground pupae on the sites of all the findings. Evira and the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment also have inspectors surveying potato crops near the sites of the findings for further occurrences of the beetle.

Hot weather accelerates the development of the larvae and new adults can soon be expected to emerge from the underground pupae into the potato crops. The monitoring of potato fields and subsistence crops is for this reason now especially important in the whole country, excluding the northernmost Finland. Click on the link below for instructions for the identification of the Colorado beetle.

Farmers should not try to destroy an infestation of larvae by themselves, as this will make subsequent eradication action more difficult. The most important thing is to immediately report the sighting and then wait for the inspector to arrive to the site. It is advisable to mark the infestation with e.g. a long stick in a large field section to ensure that it can be easily found again.

Sightings and suspicions shall be reported by telephone to Evira's hotline +358 40 801 4407 (from 9 am till 8 pm, also during weekends).

Further information:
Raija Valtonen, Head of Section, Evira, tel. +358 2077 25040, +358 40 560 2510

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