Organic is trustworthy


<p>Organic production is controlled to ensure that organic products truly are organic and the consumer can trust them. This objective has also been achieved. No non-conforming product batches have reached the market.</p>

Most of the problems found in control activities in 2009 concerned records and documentation. Organic operators are required to keep documentary accounts about e.g. acquired production inputs and sold organic products. However, all the operators do not recognise the significance of the documentation to the reliability of organic production. In such cases bookkeeping has not been realised in required detail.

The use of fertilisers and pesticides not authorised for organic production is not a problem in Finland. Unauthorised substances had only been used in a couple of cases. These batches did not reach the market as organic.

Organic control covered some 4500 operators in 2009. Farms accounted for ca. 4000 of these. All the operators under regulatory control are inspected at least once a year.

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